Thankful at Fairmont

Happy Thanksgiving!  Many people take this time of year to talk about what they are thankful for.  Here at Fairmont Farm, we feel fortunate to have so much to be thankful for today and everyday.

We are thankful for…..


Our senior generation that inspired us to get into dairy farming,


and helped us get started in a great partnership!


Our family that is passionate about our farm and loves working together to make Fairmont everything it is today.


Our 4th generation that loves helping out on the farm!


New additions to the family….Carson,




and Sophie!


Our employees that take excellent care of our cows,


keep the barns clean,


and milk our cows three times a day around the clock.


Our wonderful neighbors who are interested in our farm and support us farming in our community.


Cabot for buying our milk and making it into the worlds best cheddar!


Manure, to give our crops the nutrients they need to grow…


and new technology that allows us to operate more efficiently.


A great crop of corn to harvest for our cows,


lots of feed in the bunk,


and a surplus of corn silage to harvest allowing us to pick high moisture corn.

2016-10-19 15.20.42.jpg

Weather that allowed us to get 4 cuttings of haylage, 5 on some fields, and gorgeous fields to farm!


Our feeder that makes sure our cows are fed everyday using the crops that we harvest.


Local teachers and students that come to the farm for field trips.


Camp kids that bring so much energy and a love of animals to the farm.


Our 4-Hers that continue to amaze us with their accomplishments and eagerness to learn.


Our calves that put a smile on our face everyday,


even when they decide to walk on the wild side and mischievously get out!


For our heifers who keep us on our toes in the springtime when they test their boundaries.

HFB9054 Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET_grz

For some of our key cow families that have enabled us to make genetic sales, like “Rescue” (pictured above).


and most importantly….our herd of COWS!


Our cows of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors….


that let us be their farmers!


What are you thankful for?


Fair Season is now in Full Swing!

Udderly Crazy 2016

Udderly Crazy 4-H Club (from left to right): Justin Thurber, Isabel Hall, Caroline Kirby, Maggie Kirby, Charlie Haynes

The Udderly Crazy 4-H Club at Fairmont Farm just returned from a great start to their showing season.  August 15th, 2016 was the Vermont State 4-H Show at the Caledonia County Fairgrounds.  We could not be more proud of this amazing group of 4-Hers.

Charlie Haynes placed 3rd in his 11 year old Showmanship class, one of the largest classes of the day!  Caroline Kirby won the 12 year old Showmanship class and then went on to be the Reserve Junior Champion Showman.  Isabel Hall won the 14 year old Showmanship class and Justin Thurber placed 4th in the 14 year old Showmanship class.  Maggie Kirby won her 17 year old Showmanship class.  Isabel Hall was the Senior Champion Showman.


Isabel Hall – Senior Champion Showmanship – Vermont State 4-H Show 2016

The conformation classes were quite successful as well.  Udderly Crazy 4-H had the 2nd and 3rd place calves in the Spring Calf class, 1st place heifer in the Spring Yearling class and 1st place heifer in the Summer Yearling class.  Our Summer Yearling went on to be Junior Champion of the show!


Fairmont O Kaliber Lust-ET – 1st place Summer Yearling and Jr. Champion

Congratulations to all of our hardworking 4-Hers that put a lot of time and effort into training their heifers and preparing them for the show ring!


Caroline prepping “Abiline” for the show ring


Maggie adding some final touches to “Abbi” before winning the Spring Yearling class

The Udderly Crazy 4-H Club will be headed to the Northeast Kingdom Holstein Show this Saturday August 20th at the Barton Fairgrounds, the show starts at 3pm.

Fairmont will then have a string of animals at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds for the Vermont State Holstein Show which will be held September 4th.  The best animals will continue on to the Northeast Fall National Holstein Show held on September 16th at the Big E Fairgrounds.

From Udderly Crazy, Maggie Kirby, Isabel Hall and Caroline Kirby have all qualified to attend the Big E with their heifers and represent Vermont 4-H.  The 4-H show at the Big E is both September 17th and 18th.  Maggie will be representing Vermont on the Judging Team A, Isabel will be representing Vermont on Judging Team B as well as the Quiz Bowl Team.


We hope to see you at some of these upcoming fairs, please visit us in the barn and cheer us on in the stands!

Our Doors are Open at Fairmont!

As much as we love farming, we love sharing it with you!  While we welcome tours regularly and have incorporated hosting summer camps and weddings into our summer routine we are very excited to be participating in Cabot’s Open Farm Sunday for the first time this fall!

IMG_0810.JPG Mark your calendars for October 9, 2016 and get excited to see our parlor, new maternity barn and calf barn, enjoy a wagon ride, hear about our farming practices, learn about our history, and try some Cabot Cheese!


We are hoping to see many of our neighbors along with anyone in the area who is interested in seeing a dairy farm or learning more about what we do!  Please help us start to spread the word now, we are looking forward to a fun filled day with lots of visitors!

Rescue…The Most Influential Family at Fairmont

Co-op Moonboy Rescue-ET (VG-85, 86MS, 2Y) , “Rescue”, has become quite a powerhouse for us at Fairmont.  Currently the #9 cow in the breed, Rescue is +2627 GTPI, +786 NM$.  The only cow in the top 10 of the breed without Mogul, Supersire or Robust in her pedigree.  With 7 Very Good and Excellent dams behind her, an out-crossed pedigree and high genomics is not her only strength.

HFB9054 Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET_grz

Co-op Moonboy Rescue-ET (VG-85, 86MS, 2Y) +2627 GTPI, +786 NM$

At 3 years and 6 months old, Rescue now has over 40 offspring (~20 daughters and ~20 sons) on the ground.  She has 51 pregnancies coming with 44 pregnancies by daughters already and 38 pregnancies by her Stoic son “Ragen”; that accounts for about 175 descendants in the next year and she has not reached 4 years old.  She currently has 20 offspring over +2600 GTPI, 5 of which are also over +2700 GTPI.    She currently has 8 sons in A.I. and some of her oldest daughters now have offspring as well.

Sons at Genex (currently available):

Younger Bulls at Genex:

  • Fairmont Bayonet Rebel-ET +2753 GTPI
  • Fairmont Bayont Rockstar-ET +2769 GTPI
  • Fairmont Damaris Rambo-ET +2626 GTPI
  • Fairmont Damaris Raider-ET +2731 GTPI
  • Fairmont Bayonet Roscoe-ET +2691 GTPI
  • Fairmont Damaris Rocky-ET +2670 GTPI

Rescue also has sons by Altivo, Ledoux (+2635 & +2751) and Testarossa

HFB9053 Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET.jpg

“Rescue” pictured in the middle of her 1st lactation

With all the exciting bulls Rescue has produced we are also excited about her heifers!

Top Daughters:

  • Fairmont Sprsht Ramira-ET +2720 GTPI
  • Fairmont Draco Rhian-ET +2652 PTPI
  • Fairmont Supersht Romina-ET +2647 GTPI
  • Fairmont Avenger Roxanne-ET +2640
    • Currently flushing
  • Fairmont Halogen Rudely-ET +2621 GTPI
    • 1 Daughter by Delta +2661 PTPI
    • 1 Daughter by Damaris +2640 PTPI
    • Pregnancies by: Damaris, Jedi and Magnus
  • Fairmont Josuper Regan-ET +2616 GTPI
  • Fairmont Tuffenuff Ridge-ET +2610 GTPI
    • 2 Daughters by Delta (+2667 & +2778)
    • Pregnancies by: Sharkey, Jedi, Damien, Piledriver, Gatedancer, AltaSuperstar, AltaPainter, Jerald, Magista, Damien, Ambassador and Modesty
    • Tremendous flush heifer, made over 120 embryos in just 10 flushes
    • Due September 2016
  • Fairmont Altivo Rashel-ET +2608

“Rescue” pictured just a couple weeks fresh in her first lactation

This family has been great to work with, excellent results from both conventional flushing and IVF.  Your chance to get in on this amazing cow family is coming up this June.  We have two exciting consignments for the 2016 National Holstein Convention Sale:

  • Fairmont Supersht Romina-ET +2647 GTPI
    • Our highest Rescue daughter to sell yet
  • Fairmont Delta Rella-ET +2778 GTPI
    • Our first grand-daughter to sell!

Please contact Tucker Purchase with any questions or to get more information, 802-249-3539.



In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, today I want to talk about #farmlove.  #farmlove is a hashtag you may have seen on several different social media outlets and was created to showcase what #farmlove means to farmers through pictures that only a farmer can capture.Cabot Logo

So what does #farmlove mean to us at Fairmont?  #farmlove comes in many shapes and sizes…these are a few of the things it can mean to us:


#farmlove is when you are walking through the barn and the girls just want to give you kisses


Doug Feeding

#farmlove is getting up bright and early no matter the weather so all the ladies are fed, 365 days a year



#farmlove is getting so excited when a baby learns to drink on her own for the first time



#farmlove is this baby being lucky enough to have two loving moms teach her to stand for the first time



#farmlove is getting excited about genetics and speeding up genetic progress through IVF


#farmlove is couples deciding to celebrate their marriage with us at the farm

Maiden Big E

#farmlove is when everything comes together from the mating of a cow to raising the calf to teaching them to lead and you get a big win in the show ring



#farmlove is when Lovely is just too cute and photogenic to not have her pose for every holiday of the year



#farmlove is a class of kindergartners that are so excited to see a brand new baby



#farmlove is when you are trying to take a picture and Anna just wants to show you love rather than posing

Our “Udderly Crazy” 4-H Year!

March Calves

The Spring Calves enjoying a snack at the Show Barn

The 4-H showing season is now in full swing!  As of April 30, the eight 4-H members of Udderly Crazy 4-H Club have each been assigned projects for the upcoming 2015 season!  Each member is guaranteed to have one show heifer if they are interested in attending the 4-H shows. We currently do not have any members without a project calf, but we would be welcoming to anyone that is only interested in the other events such as quiz bowl and judging!

4-Hers work with their animals all year long to get ready for the Show Season

4-Hers work with their animals all year long to get ready for the Show Season

All of the project heifers have been moved to the “show barn”.  At the show barn, the members have easy access to a space to lead and bathe their heifers.  They are expected to work with their heifers as much as possible; preferably three to five days a week. 4-H members not only learn how to care for their animal and prepare it for a show, but they also learn about record keeping.  Record Books track goals, management practices, health events, expenses, growth, lactation, breeding and calving, production, show results among other things as well.

The Club chatting before the competition.

The Club chatting before the competition.

Our 4-H year actually begins every October.  Our first event of the year is the Dairy Challenge at UVM in November.  For this event 4-Hers attend various workshops completing a quiz after each one.  This is a great start to the year as it covers many different aspects of the dairy cattle project.

Dough Ornaments to Decorate

Dough Ornaments to Decorate

In December our Club enjoys caroling at a local nursing home, where they bring handmade ornaments as gifts!

Udderly Crazy 4-H Club at Quiz Bowl

Udderly Crazy 4-H Club at Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is the next event of the year, our County Quiz Bowl is held in February and our State Quiz Bowl is held in March.  These events use a lockout buzzer system and 4-Hers must be the first to “buzz-in”, and answer the question.  This is a fun way for the kids to show their knowledge.

Picking out Show Heifers for the Year

Picking out Show Heifers for the Year

In April, we focus on assigning projects to all the members and they begin working with their heifers.

Concentrating on Judging!

Concentrating on Judging!

We just attended the Orleans County Judging Workshop on May 9th.  This workshop will teach 4-Hers the ins and outs of Judging, it will be set up like a contest but will be a learning opportunity for the kids.  This year the official was, Fairmont’s own, Ricky Hall.  Ricky was on the Cornell University 2011 Top National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Team, after graduation Ricky was a classifier for Holstein Association USA for 2 years before coming back to Fairmont Farm.  He is a great asset for the 4-Hers to learn from! After the Judging Workshop our 4-H Club will participate in State Dairy Judging in June.  For this contest, 4-Hers are asked to place a class of four animals.  They are graded by how closely their results align with the officials.  Another great aspect of Judging is the oral reasons.  Older members give their placement reasons to the officials, this requires the kids to organize their thoughts and practice public speaking.

Getting Ready for the Show Ring

Getting Ready for the Show Ring

Also in June, we participate in the Orleans County Clipping Clinic.  This is an educational workshop led by professional fitters, who attend shows and sales, where they clip and prepare the animals to look their best.  Every fitter has a different technique and the 4-Hers pick up tips from all of them to develop their own style.

Fitting and Showing!

Fitting and Showing!

Grand Champ

Grand Champion

In July, we will participate in the County 4-H Show at the Orleans County Fairgrounds, in Barton, VT.  Our VT State 4-H Show follows in August.  At these shows the kids participate in confirmation class with their animals but also Fitting and Showing.  For Fitting and Showing they are each judged on how well they prepare and present their project.  At the State show, 4-Hers that are old enough can qualify to go on to represent Vermont at the Big E in September. At the Big E, the 4-Hers are solely responsible for their projects for the week.  They are teamed up by state, they care for the animals, prep them for the show ring and show their animals.  This is a very fun event and is a great conclusion of the 4-H year!

4-H Club at the Fair!

4-H Club at the Fair!

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